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How to Apply for a Technician Career

If you wish to apply for a technician career with Lube Stop, you need to fill out the application on this page and submit it for review.  Once we receive it, we review it.  After we review it, we let you know if there is any interest on our part.  If there is interest, we contact you and discuss any current positions open to fill.  Otherwise, we keep your application on file and call you if something comes up.

Why Apply for a Career?

Lube Stop’s career program includes salary, commissions, bonuses, benefits and training.  We take care of our people because they in turn will take care of our customers.  That’s key to our business model.

What are the Roles?

If you apply for a career with Lube Stop, we have certain expectations of you.  We expect you to have a good knowledge base of vehicle mechanics and maintenance, experience in the lube industry and a good customer service attitude.

Lube Stop also expects you to have the knowledge, experience and skills to perform the usual duties include those listed below.

  • deliver the lube services we have outlined on this website
  • perform tire services as outlined on this website
  • use our computer systems to determine customer’s vehicle service schedules
  • perform our 37+ Point vehicle inspections as listed on this website
  • perform and assess fluid tests using our in-house testing kits
  • diagnose problems using our Precision Based Recommendations processes
  • discuss test and inspection results with customers while factoring in their other concerns
  • make professional fact based final service recommendations

It’s important to Lube Stop, that our technicians are friendly, honest and knowledgeable.  Our customers rely on that.  So, when you apply for a career with us, we look for those attributes.  We also look for willingness to grow.  Growth comes in many areas including customer service skills, technical skills and knowledge base.  So, if this sounds like you, then you should definitely apply.

Thanks for showing your interest in Lube Stop.

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