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Lube Stop Tire Regina Victoria Ave Dealership Auto Warranty Service 2
Lube Stop Tire Regina Victoria Ave Dealership Auto Warranty Service 1

Lube Stop offers cheaper and faster service than dealerships do for completing ALL dealership auto warranty services.  You need not pay more and wait longer!

The myth that you must take your car to your dealer is terribly false.  It needs to be dispelled.  This misleading advice is unfair to consumers and leads to more cost and inconvenience.  There is absolutely NO reason you must take your vehicle to your dealer for warranty quality servicing.  There is no reason to fear that your warranty will not be honored if you service your vehicle with us!

When our customers come to us instead, we do the same warranty qualified work your dealer does.  We order the same parts and service supplies from the same suppliers.  We also install them with the same level of trained technicians and mechanics.  The only difference is that when you come to us at Lube Stop for your dealer servicing, we also give you all the extras that are standard with our services.  Check our our Precision Based Recommendations process to discover these added benefits that you receive when you come to us.

Because Lube Stop offers lower pricing, shorter wait times and added value, we wonder why would you ever go back to your dealer for these things.

Below is a list of all dealership auto warranty qualified services offered by Lube Stop that meet all your OEM Warranty requirements.  So, there really is no reason to ever return to your dealer’s expensive garage again.

Try us.  We’re sure you’ll agree.

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