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Lube Stop shares OEM Dealership Myth Busting with our customers to dispel false dealership vehicle servicing beliefs preventing them from enjoying cost savings and drive through conveniences.  We believe it is important that all customers know the facts.

All our Lube Stop locations perform OEM warranty and servicing work, easily and competently.  You will enjoy the convenience and cost savings in the meantime.

To address this OEM Dealership Myth Busting, we’ve listed the 3 most prominent falsehoods to be aware of below.

Myth 1

Servicing done any place other than your OEM dealer voids your warranty.

Take note!  This is WRONG.  Myth is BUSTED!

All service products used and sold by Lube Stop are warranty approved to meet or exceed OEM specifications.  In fact they are often ordered from the same order desk with your OEM.  Regardless, all products used to service your vehicle are warranty approved.

So, don’t be concerned.  You are covered at Lube Stop as long as your visits are regular as per the required service schedule for your vehicle.

Myth 2

Nobody carries the same level of quality in service parts as your OEM dealer does.

Take heed!  This is WRONG.  Myth is BUSTED!

All parts meet or exceed those provided by OEM dealers.  This is true because parts and products are factory filled.  This means they are exactly the same service parts used by any mechanic servicing your vehicle.  The only difference is they are cheaper at Lube Stop.

So, come use Lube Stop to get your service parts replaced.

Myth 3

No one has access to the OEM service schedule for your vehicle except for your dealer.

Be Aware!  This is WRONG.  Myth is BUSTED!

Lube Stop has the same access and can easily look up your service schedule.  This is done by scanning in your VIN when you arrive and then checking the OEM computer system.  In addition to this, Lube Stop tracks your service history and fluid level test results in their own in-house computer system.  This is so that each visit is met with total and complete accuracy regarding your vehicle’s service needs.

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